RunesAuth is still a micro startup in Italy, Udine, just born in 2023.

Fenrir is the brainchild of Luca Fulchir, and RunesAuth is his startup attempting to put in practice this project.

Fenrir was born as a theoretical idea in 2015/2016, but never received enough time and money to be properly implemented. RunesAuth is attempting to fix this.

You can look a bit at the history of was Fenrir on the old website. It is a bit outdated, but most of the information is still valid. Even though it was born in 2016, no other authentication project comes close in terms of innovation even today. You can also find some old conferences and lightning talks on Youtube and on

We are currently looking for funds to increase the number of people working on this project full time.

You can find us in Matrix at
Feel free to contact us about anything, from asking clarifications on the project to questions about jobs and investments!

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