Q: Fenrir sounds awesome, when will it be completed?
A: Roadmaps ins software are really hard to do correctly, please keep checking our roadmap page and (more importantly) the tickets and status on the gitea projects

Q: Can I use Fenrir also on my local network, without internet?
A: Not at the beginning. Fenrir needs a DNSSEC domain to work.
We have plans to relax this requirement without compromising security, but we want to work on the main use case first, and that requires the internet.

Q: Fenrir is passwordless. Can I add passwords for extra security?
A: Yes, you will be able to require additional passwords (or hardware tokens) for additional security. In some countries passwords are protected by free speech rulings, while passwordless mechanisms are not, so this capability is important for multiple reasons.

Q: I want to use Fenrir, but I am not a devops/programmer/sysadmin, can you help?
A: We will sell Fenrir as an additional managed service, you will be able to buy from us or anywhere else you prefer.

Q: Why is only the library open source, and not also the authentication server?
A: The server will technically be “Source Available”, but not fully “Open Source”. We need a way to sustain ourselves, and the best way is to require payments from those who have more than 100 accounts. This is the only restriction we add, and this alone is against the Open Source definition (point 1: No restrictions on distribution). We are working on the correct licensing right now.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Contact us! From technical question to just to say “good luck”! Really!

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