How does Fenrir simplify your life?


Fenrir is a federated technology. Like email, it means that you can register your main account anywhere, and it will work with everyone else.

Privacy is increasingly more important, and choosing your provider for authentication will let you control who has access to your information. Don’t like the big players making money by reselling your habits? Choose a smaller, more privacy oriented service. Don’t trust anyone? Run your own server.

With Fenrir you are free to chose instead of being locked into two or three big companies that barely even provide support when you need it.

The best part about federation, however, is that your account will work anywhere.
How about accessing your cloud,mail or music provider with the same account, without having to create a new account for every service? How about doing it without any password?

The average person has tens of accounts, and it is not unheard of having close to or even more than a hundred different accounts for all the services you will try in your life. But there is no need to track all those accounts and passwords anymore if you can just use your everywhere.
A bit like the “login with Google/Facebook” buttons that you find almost everywhere, but without having to create new passwords, and accepted everywhere, for every provider. Not merely google or facebook.


You account can work anywhere, which means that you can use any provider to manage your Fenrir system. If you don’t eve trust providers or want additional control, you can just run your own server.

True privacy is when there is no data to give to others. With Fenrir you are finally free to choose who has access to your login habits.


This is a technical term that means that your devices will be able to use multiple connections at the same time. Instead of switching between wifi, cable or cellular, you can use all three at the same time!
You can add or remove connection any time, move and switch between different wifi networks, and your connections will never stop, your downloads will never drop.

Slow wifi? Add thethering with your phone. Did you start downloading a film on your laptop and have to move to your friend’s house? Use your phone for the trip and then connect to your friend’s wifi, without interrupting the download.

It’s 2023, this really isn’t that difficult.


The cornerstone of our system is security. How many times have you heard of companies losing the access data of its clients? How many times did you have to change passwords?

With Fenrir you will still have one main password, but you will use only once, when you setup your account on your phone or laptop. Then you can put it away somewhere safe. Done, no more passwords, nothing to steal.

But what if hackers break into my provider’s servers? Fenrir is hardened against this case too. Your passwords alone will not give anyone access to your account: You need confirmation from another device. Unlike with google or facebook authentication, even your provider can not impersonate you and steal your data!

Unsure if someone used your phone that you left around unblocked, without protections? Fenrir will keep the list of all your past logins, that only you can access.

Did a hacker steal your passwords? Previously your passwords could have been stolen without you even knowing about it, now you can be instantly notified that one of your devices has been compromised. We can do this by making each login unique and sequential, so your client expects a certain login to be next, and will instantly know that if the sequence is not correct.

Device management

We will let you sync logins automatically with different devices, or restrict some logins only to some devices. If you really need to go in more depth, we even support restricting the actions that a single application can take!

Lost your phone? Temporarily block it from your laptop. Instead of, you know, trying to remember the complete list of all accounts on your phone and chainging all those passwords one at a time.

Two factor authentication can be added to any website or service now, and you will only need to confirm from another device. More options will still include hardware usb keys or more for those wanting extra security

We also support direct, P2P connection between devices. So that your video call will connect only its participants, avoiding slow servers and preserving your privacy even more.

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